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30 Years Serving

Northern Nevada's



Products and Services

We offer customers, end-to-end solutions for efficiently irrigating your agricultural operation.  Agricultural water expertise should revolve around more than just equipment sales; we offer design plans, soil amendments and seminars to keep you competitive. 

About us

Great Basin Irrigation is an Agricultural Dealership who sells and services all Pivot & Pump Irrigation equipment brands.  Our family business has proudly served Northern Nevada for 30 years and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Project News 

US-Mexico Water Project

October 01 2023


The USPP is a sustainability Non Profit that seeks to solve the global freshwater crisis with proprietary Geo Engineering.  Our Systems are brand new and we have filed for a US Patent with it. The USPP is actively competing in the XPrize with the System.  Great Basin Irrigation is a principle supporter of the USPP and is managed by the USPP.

2025 Agricultural Conference 

January 27 2025


We have scheduled our Agricultural Conference for January 27, 2025 at the Winnemucca Convention Center in Winnemucca, NV.  Included in our Conference will be training on Irrigation Equipment, Agricultural Regulations, Solar Panels and accessing the latest Grant funding resources.

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