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Products & Services

Great Basin Irrigation has been selling, installing and servicing Irrigation equipment in the Northern Nevada Community for over 20 years.  In addition to your irrigation equipment, we offer Soil Amendment and Solar Panel products and services that make sense for our unique environment.  We bring to you our family of clients the highest quality products & services to ensure you are getting the most out of your acreage.
Pivot Maintenance Checklist

To maximize your Pivots lifespan and minimize your Pivot downtime, you should perform a Pivot Inspection twice a year. Great Basin Irrigation has created a check list for you to perform after the growing Season and Prior it.

S & W Seeds

Kim Summers owns Kustom Crop Solutions out of Winnemucca, NV.  His company can help you choose the right right genetics and strategies to maximize your field's production. 

Rocky Mountain Agronomics

Ryan Hoyt is our go-to soil representative for the Northern Nevada area.  He can help you choose the right soil amendments from Rocky Mountain Agronomics.      

Installation & Servicing

When you order your Pierce Pivot from us, we can deliver, assemble and install them for you.  In the case that you need an independent contractor to perform a task, we will identify them and manage their service for you.  We are committed to making the installation of your Pivot seamless and simple.

Pumping Solutions

The Pump you choose to to compliment your Pivot can make all the different in the world when it comes to optimizing efficiency.  Through our partner, Yaskawa, were able to bring youth highest quality, highest performing VFD for agriculture.  Check out all of our options here.

Pivot Panels

Pierce Corporation's Standard panels are operator-friendly and easy to understand. They incorporate the highest quality electrical components and most advanced technology to effectively monitor and manage your fields. 

Sprinkler Packages

There are many options for farm sprinkler packages, and we pride ourselves at matching irrigation systems and sprinkler solutions.  When you're ready to have your center pivot sprinkler package custom-designed for your field, we got you.

Pierce Pivots

Pierce CP600 model is a system designed to adapt to a variety of weather, crop and field conditions, all the while providing maximum performance as it relates to water efficiency and increased crop yields, year after year.

Irrigation Components

Irrigation Components International is our go-to company for ancillary Pivot and Irrigation component parts.  They are trusted and used worldwide with a reputation for quality in the irrigation industry.

Pump Install & Servicing

Great Basin Irrigation sells, installs, services and replaces your well pumps.  We also design and install pump to pivot connecting infrastructure.  Whatever your agricultural irrigation servicing needs, we can provide all your solutions.

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