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Great Basin Irrigation Team

Our principle objective is to keep your agricultural operation working as efficiently and profitably as possible. We do this through quality installations, GPS monitoring of your equipment and performing servicing in a timely manner. Our second principle objective is to bring you the most relevant information on supply chain disruptions, water resource insecurities and agricultural policy changes; so you can stay profitable. Lastly, we hold ourselves accountable by constantly challenging ourselves to serve better; we hold an Agricultural Seminar annually to provide better serve to you, we fund Nevada's only XPrize Team, we invest in Technology to solve the fresh water crisis, we are members of the local Rotary Club.  
GBI is proud to serve and live with the great people of Northern Nevada.

-Crystal Newton

General Manager of GBI 

X-Prize Team Leader

Our Company

Our Company has been in the Agricultural Irrigation Industry for over 30 years and is family owned.  We are a certified Dealership of Valley Pivots and a part of the Valmont family of Companies.  


As part of our commitment to our customer's success, we host a Seminar once a year in Winnemucca.  This seminar covers a broad range of topics that help you make the most out of your agricultural operation.


We sell, assemble, install and service Agricultural Pivots.  Our team is equipped and trained to perform dirt work, pour cement centers, install industrial pumps and service all irrigation equipment component parts.

Environment & Sustainability

Our Company has a team competing for the $100 million carbon capture X-Prize.  We have developed a way to capture carbon efficiently and are proudly representing Winnemucca in the X-Prize competition.

Elmer Constantia Ranch 2022.HEIC

-Elmer Bloom

Founder & Owner of GBI 

Managing Partner

Harry Welding.jpg

-Harry Bloom

Welding Technician

Managing Partner 


-Crystal Newton

General Manager of GBI 

X-Prize Team Leader

Alan Bloom Website Photo.png

-Alan Bloom

Pump Install & Service

Managing Partner

Justin Photo.jpg

-Justin Bloom

Pivot Installation

Managing Partner

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